Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Love Me Tender

When Glenn and Christine set to sea, intrepid and in love
He was her dauntless diver darling; she his tender topside dove.
And through the vagaries of life afloat, with storms and dirty socks
And only cranky, muffled roars from Glenn's communication box
Through the wind and sleet and driving hail, it could not be denied--
Through all we do, she always knew: her place was on Glenn's side.
She came to comprehend our friend, each aspect of his charm
And yet, despite the means and motive, she never did him harm.
Today we see the revelry, our dearest groom and bride
And celebrate one knot, at least, most elegantly tied.
A blessing for the plucky pair, and this is how it goes:
"May he always mind the comms, and may she never kink his hose."

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